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Hubchat is a community platform and network that powers engaging discussions on your site anywhere, on any device!

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One place to manage everything


Truly engaged users create an ocean of attractive content that transforms any passive audience into a buzzing community.


Meaningful content makes your community grow! Exciting discussions bring new visitors from search engines, social networks, and from your other communities via our recommendations.


Make it possible for the members of your community to engage with content they love on any device, at any given time.


Increase your advertising revenue with our built-in advertising system. You can turn your communities into sought-after target groups for advertisers on desktop and mobile.

Hubchat Features

We have three plugins for your websites - Community, Comments and Recommendations.


With our community system, engaging discussions are always at the fingertips of your users in real time, on any device.


Our commenting system makes it possible for your users to comment on the content they already love.


Our recommendation system can be plugged in anywhere to attract users to take part in lively, thrilling discussions!